Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's the cheapest airline?

This question gets asked quiet frequently. The truth is that there really isn't an answer to this question. Flight prices change every single day! One day you may find a ticket that is dirt cheap and if you go check the price again the next day, it may just skyrocket. Plane tickets are like stocks, you can't really predict them. Your best bet for finding the cheapest airline is just check them all. There are plenty of free tools online that allow you to check out flights for multiple airlines at once such as Orbitz or CheapTickets. I recommend you use them both if you want to find the absolute cheapest prices for your tickets. When you do find a dirt cheap price, it's probably a good idea to book your tickets because you just don't know how long that price will stay in effect. Feel free to leave a comment below if this tip helped you out or if you would like to contribute another tip to this blog. Best of luck on your search to find cheap plane tickets!

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